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Accidentally in Love.
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19th-Sep-2008 09:03 am - Cherries. Chap 7. Ruki/Uruha

Title : Cherries

Chap : 7/?

Author :  gazerotica 

Pairing : Ruki/Uruha

Genre : romance, fluff, angst, drama

Rating : PG for this one

Warning : swearing, implied manxman relationship

Disclaimer : I don’t own them, I’m not affiliated, it’s all just fiction from my warped imagination.

Summary : Uruha thought he was straight until he started having some disturbing thoughts about his band mate.

Note : This chap was really difficult to write, it’s a bit of a filler but I had to position the characters for the progression of their relationship to work, while keeping true to their natures, and I’m still not entirely happy with it, so crit is more than welcome.

Top or bottom first?Collapse )

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morgause 2
Title: Preferences (VI)
Genre: humour/romance
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ruki/Uruha
Summary: Ruki muses on what he thinks is his perfect partner.
[I] [II] [III] [IV]

( V. Aw, Rei, this is so ga-ay! )
( VI. Life was good. )

15th-Sep-2008 12:53 am - Unhinged (Rain) [One Shot] UruhaXRuki
uru drama
Title: Unhinged [Rain]
Author: outori
Rating: NC-17/R
Pairing: Ruki x Uruha [to be honest, I give a damn about the position of either side of the x. As to seme/uke, read and you’ll find out ^^]
Genre: Smut
Warnings: Smut. Not beta-read. Switching in POVs. Smut.
Disclaimer: Not owning anyone in the story, only the story, as usual.
Synopsis: After a night out with Uruha, and noticing his phone died, Ruki gets into a phone-booth to call a cab. Just somehow, he never gets as far as to pick up the receiver.
Author’s notes: As there was no smut in my last upps, I bring you smut no~w. Hehe. [Why does that feel as if I was Santa? ... ho ho? XD] Phone-booth sex, ladies (and gents). I had fun. A lot of fun. And ohhh I'm never gonna look at phone booths the same way again... heheheheh~~~ I hope you'll have as much fun as I had while writing <3 Enjoy~ [about 4000 words]

(The vitreous walls around them were fogged, milky, making it impossible to make out what was going on on either side of the glass. )
12th-Sep-2008 09:44 am - Cherries. Chap 6. Ruki/Uruha

Title : Cherries

Chap : 6/?
Author : gazerotica 

Pairing : Ruki/Uruha

Rating : PG/15 for this one

Warning : swearing, minor sexual imagery, the usual but no smut *gomen*

Genre : romance, fluff, tiny angst

Disclaimer : I don’t own them, it’s all just fantasy *sulks*

Summary : Uruha thinks he’s straight but after having some disturbing thoughts about his band mate he’s no longer sure.

You're not ready, Uru-chan.Collapse )

Chap 1        Chap 2         Chap 3       Chap 4        Chap 5

A/N: apologies for x-posting like a whore!




Title: Star Wars Episode XXII: ANOTHER WAR
Chapters: 4/??
Author: </a></a>lunachaos &</a></a>hiropponluvsu 
Genre: Humor, Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance
Warnings: Swearing, maybe smut later, violence
Rating: R
Pairings/Characters: RukixUruha, Reita/Kai x/x?? (With more to develop later!) Bands: the GazettE (main), alice nine., S.K.I.N, Dir en Grey, An Cafe, SuG, LM.C, Phantasmagoria & Malice Mizer.
Synopsis: [AU] The Jedi are up against their biggest challenge yet. The Sith are on the rise and this time they're proving to be unstoppable. The Jedi Council expend their best warriors to catch the Sith once and for all. But it's not easy when you team up five different people who don't know the meaning of team work...
Comments: You DON'T need to know Star Wars to understand this. This really isn't meant to be taken seriously, so don't come in expecting it. It's mostly just written for our entertainment and some laughs, so hopefully that's what you'll get from it too.
Disclaimer: We don't own the GazettE or any of the jrockers mentioned in this story.

(-lunachaos's fanfiction archive-)

[Chapter One] [Chapter Two][Chapter Three]

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... )
Title: Dyed Hair
Rating: G, I guess
Warnings: just a little short, and a little cryptic, and unbetaed
Pairing: Ruki x Uruha
Disclaimers: They don't belong to me, yet...
Summary: You know that people change their hair colour when things in their life change.

I find his expression has changed, like his haircolour has

First time posting here, so please be gentle...
Title: Bleach, Soap & Washing Powder
Chapters: 4/15
Author: mizusu_chan
Genre: fluff and eventual smut
Warnings: none, really
Rating: from PG-13 to NC-17
Pairings/Characters: Ruki/Uruha/Ruki
Synopsis: Uruha disliked changing his routines, he really did. And changing to a different laundry house wasn't an exeption. But something, especially someone, made him think twice... Maybe a change wasn't that bad at all?
Disclaimer: don't own anyone... although I wish I did
Comments: for lunachaos

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